emlyon junior conseil has been helping companies to gain in deeper understanding of their business field for over 30 years. Grasping what is at stake to succeed on a market, performing relevant peers analysis, preparing the launch of a new product are all recurrent issues emlyon junior conseil daily addresses and solves.

emlyon junior conseil relies on a large breeding ground of students, specialized in marketing and having already completed at least one internship in the marketing department of large French or international com67panies. Our selection takes into account their experience in reprocessing and analysing qualitative and quantitative data. emlyon business school’s courses enable its students to regularly face real case studies.

Market study

Peer analysis, opportunities studies, benchmark.

Satisfaction survey

Key metric elaboration, feedback analysis, satisfaction rate analysis.

Reputation study

Corporate brand Image analysis, products attractiveness assessment.

Product launch

Defining the objectives and the means that need to be put into position, choosing distribution channels, developing promoting operations.

Consumer behaviour study

Evaluating trends, panel study, behaviour analysis.

Competition analysis

Benchmarking, competitive intelligence, positioning study, collecting and analysing business sector data.