Who are we ?

emlyon junior conseil is emlyon business school’s Junior Enterprise. Our structure consists in 20 Project Managers who can recruit at any time among 3,400 students from emlyon business school, a top French business school. Our purpose: your success.

Junior Enterprises with the largest volume of activity (2016)
Turnover in 2016
Project Managers having followed a one year and a half training programme before taking up their seat

We have been supporting both French and European firms since 1972, by providing consulting studies in a wide range of fields: in audit, communication, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and strategy.. We thus find solutions to issues of large firms, SMBs as well as of entrepreneurs.

customers assisted every year
customers satisfied throughout the last three years
ISO 9000
ISO 9001:2015 certificated by Bureau Veritas

What we offer


Every company needs to define its main competitors, its customers, its evolution targets as well as its strategic positioning. This is what we do.



Communication is key to every single company and its impact may be tricky to evaluate.



Starting-up a company and more generally entrepreneurship call for a sort of expertise and savoir-faire that our structure provides.



Entrust us with the analysis and the assessment of your internal process: organizational audit, accounting, mystery shopping.


Companies sometimes go bankrupt due to a lack of expertise in monitoring their personal finances and managing their cash flows. Let us introduce to you our solutions.


We help you orientating the strategy of your business model and taking the right decisions by anticipating the market’s evolution.

Bernard Belletante

Director General of emlyon business school

emlyon business school was founded in 1872 and has constantly put forward its core values since: entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, as well as professionalism.

We are proud thatemlyon junior conseil has not only become a major consulting player at both regional and national level, it is also an association spurred by values we share.

As leaders in entrepreneurship, our administrators take to heart to be the key to your success while remaining humble. These are the reasons why I am eager to fully support emlyon junior conseil and trust them whilst they take initiatives to ensure your success.