Starting-up a company and more generally entrepreneurship call for an expertise and a savoir-faire that you will find within our Junior Enterprise. Our structure is well-suited to help you through your entrepreneurial projects: emlyon junior conseil’s experience and expertise will help you carrying them out in a reliable and rigorous way and thus maximize your chances of success.

Entrepreneurship is one of emlyon business school’s core values: 1st Business School in France for entrepreneurship according to the Financial Times. Every student creates at least one business plan during his/her schooling to obtain his/her emlyon business school graduation. Drawing up a start-up plan is thus one of emlyon junior conseil’s strong suits, hence we make competent and experienced students available to our customers, some of them even created their own start-up.

Business Plan

Creating a Business plan from scratch, with financial forecasts, promotion and communication strategies, market analysis.

Siting strategy

Analysis of the local market, target clients.

Business development

Individual support through new projects, advisability and feasibility studies.