emlyon junior conseil helps you controlling your corporate identity by enhancing your brand image.

A wide range of students at emlyon business school follow a degree with a major in science of communication. All of these students are available and trained to best develop your communication plan or your commercial brochure. The international diversity of emlyon business school’s students enables us to provide translations in various languages. As our experience shows it, we provide the required conditions to successfully lead your projects out of France, were they to be cross-border or fully abroad.

Communication plan

Development of an internal/external/HR communication strategy, precise defining of operations, analysis of feedbacks.


Articles in a bilingual format, websites, commercial brochures, corporate documents, etc.

Brand image study

Branding strategy, measure of brand study.

Consulting for the design of commercial brochures

Drafting of commercial brochures, consulting for the drafting of sales brochures.